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It is not an ordinary website, it is more advanced, a platform dedicated to manage religious activities and institutions.

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Serve the Lord Effectively

Invention Academy company has developed a platform named Halaqa dedicated to manage religious activities and institutions. It helps religious leaders to provide spiritual and educational services for their people with high efficiency. This platform is full of tools to manage religious activities and institutions, tools for E-learning, tools for selling courses, physical and digital products, tools for offering spiritual counseling and support,... and much more.


Social Network

Create social networks where people can communicate with each other and share knowledge. You can create your own website without using a code just by dragging and dropping. With an easy-to-use user interface, you can manage forums, conversations between members, publishing in blog and organize events.



Teach people and share your knowledge and wisdom with them. Using LMS tools, you can easily create and publish free and paid courses, manage the learning process and motivate your students using gamification. You can create your course using videos, PDF files, presentations...Test the retention of your students using quizzes and exams and give them certificates at the end of the course.


Resource Planning

Do you work in an institution? Resource Planning is all what you need. You can manage your human and financial resources, the activities and projects of your institution. Resource Planning is full of tools which facilitate the management and administration of your institution and provide you with the insight you need to make the right decisions.



You can sell your products and provide your services via your Halaqa. You have at your disposal the tools for sales management, stock management, customer relationship management,... To promote your products, you can use email and SMS marketing tools. In case you have a shop, you can use the POS included in your Halaqa.

How Can I Make Money on My Halaqa Platform?

Halaqa platform helps you make profits from various sources to support your ministry.


Paid Courses

Provide E-Learning courses, encourage your students to study using gamification, monitor their progress via quizzes and exams and give them certificates of course completion...


Collect Donations

Halaqa platform enables you to design amazing pages to encourage your audience to make donations for your ministry, with drag and drop, your donation page will be ready to publish in less than 10 minutes.



Ecommerce and marketing tools help you make additional revenue to support your ministry, you can sell physical and digital products, promote services, manage your inventory ... and if you have a shop you can use the platform POS.



Events organized by your ministry can be an additional source of revenues, Halaqa platform provides a set of tools to help you organize and promote your events, manage attendance, book seats and sell tickets to your audience.

Counseling and Spiritual support

Your platform was designed using Halaqa Framework, specialized in developing applications for managing religious activities and institutions and helping religious leaders provide spiritual support and counseling to believers to make a positive change in their lives. Halaqa platform comes with ready to use tools to provide spiritual counseling:

  • Emotions
  • Family
  • Sexual Life
  • Relationships
  • Abuse
  • Addictions
  • Disorders
  • Health and Body
  • Job and Career
  • Education
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It Is Not All, There Is More

Halaqa uses Artificial Intelligence to increase your effectiveness in serving your people.

Your Platform Has a Persona

Halaqa Framework was developed to support advanced technologies specifically Artificial Intelligence. So, your platform supports Artificial Intelligence by default and it can be connected with Smart Speakers devices such as Amazon echo and Google Assistant and Robots like Nao and Pepper...
Therefore, families in their houses and children in their school... can communicate with your platform and ask it questions and it will answer them from the knowledge you provide in your platform via courses, sermons, articles...
To know more about Artificial intelligence in Halaqa.

Mobile Devices

How Can I Get My Own Halaqa Platform?

Get Halaqa platform with support, training and consulting services for Free.


Register Halaqa

Fill in the registration application: Choose your Halaqa domain name from the list of Moroccan domain names we are offering for free, select features of your Halaqa and provide information about your target audience.


Cost Estimation

When we receive your application, we calculate the costs of your Halaqa setup, the subscription fees according to the resources and features you have selected, then we prepare a proposal to send it to our sponsors to finance your Halaqa.


Finding Sponsor

In a two-week period, once we receive a positive answer from our sponsors, we contact you to get further information about your Halaqa, then we proceed with the design, development and deployment steps of your Halaqa.


Get Your Halaqa

Your Halaqa is ready now, we provide you with an intensive course, so you can learn all what you need to profit from the possibilities of your Halaqa. We offer consulting and support services, you can contact us any time if you need help.

What are you waiting for?!

It is the time to strengthen your spiritual impact in the world.