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Patent Licensing is the Short Way to Make Money from Your Idea.

Target Industries

Don’t waste time and money trying to manufacture your invention, if you have a limited capital. License your patent to worldwide companies, keep your invention ownership and gain royalties from all over the world.

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Patent licensing gives Inventor the ability to gain royalties from his invention in short time without the need to waste time and money to manufacture it.

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Investing in licensing patented technologies allows companies to earn lucrative revenues from royalties for many years without any risks .

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R and D Institutions

Through patenting and licensing of researches and discoveries, Research and Development institutions protect their IPs and gain additional funding. 

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By patenting and licensing their research, universities ensure the relevance of their discoveries and benefit from the advantages of royalties.

Professional Inventor

Invention 101 Certification

Throughout your journey in this course, we will teach you how to protect your gold idea with a patent and turn it into a lucrative source of income. You will be introduced to NASA patents and you will study and analyze a real NASA patent and put into practice all the skills and knowledge you have acquired in this course. So, at the end, you will have your own patent from NASA's patent.

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Consulting Service

Invention Academy provides an accompanying service to help inventors make the right decision about their ideas. Our consulting service provides market analysis, technology analysis and patent analysis to help Inventor discover his invention market, understand the technology area, identify his competitors  in order to make well-informed decisions.

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Professional Inventor Certification 


Our certification programs offer the knowledge and skills needed to invent and innovate in the competitive patent market. We strive to offer our students the recognition of their knowledge, expertise and qualifications they need to be successful.

Teaching Method

Our curricula have been designed by specialized instructional designers using advanced methodologies in the development of courses and labs and by respecting the existence of multiple intelligence and individual differences between students.  


Technology is evolving rapidly and hundreds of patents are filed every day, so to ensure the success of your inventions, Invention Academy offers you a comprehensive specialized training to qualify you to invent and innovate in a specific market sector.

Curriculum Features

Our educational methods equip students with a high-level, comprehensive, and practical learning experience. The courses we provide has been designed by specialized instructional designers to meet the qualifications and the abilities of each student.

Learning Process

We have created a learning process leading you on extensive growth pathways based on knowledge, thinking methodologies, creative skills and the development of creative habits and characteristics to strengthen your abilities as an inventor.


The Specialist Inventor Qualification Framework (SIQF) is the policy for regulating the learning pathways and the training packages in order to qualify the student to be able to invent and innovate in a specific market sector. 


Gain Royalties from Licensees


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Knowledge Base

Invention Academy

Invention Licensing


Licensing allows you to grant permission for the use of your IP to your licensee, while receiving royalty income and still retaining ownership of your asset...

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PCT Filing


By filing one international patent application under the PCT, you can simultaneously seek protection for your invention in a very large number of countries...

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Patent Analysis


Patent analysis represents an exceptional form of insight, translating large sets of patent data into a collective overview of analysis on current market situation...

Invention Academy

Market Analysis


In our market analysis service we evaluate the size of your market, uncover competitive products, and identify potential risks and problems, expose emerging trends...

Invention Academy



Strategic alignment of IP with business plays a vital role in the success of any  company. Companies from all sizes need to create, protect, maintain and manage IP ...

Invention Academy



As universities play a prominent role in education & research to develop new innovations ..., they should benefit from the expertise to protect their IPs... 

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R&D Institutions


Through patenting & the licensing of researches and discoveries, R&D institutions can protect their discoveries while benefiting from the financial advantages ...

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Tech Analysis


Technology analysis is a valuable asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors and give you an overview of your market...

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International Protection of Your Valuable Patent

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