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About Us

We are dedicated to help people overcome their lack of knowledge and skills and provide them with high-quality and state-of-art technology, education and methodologies to be competent and professional in the technological field they want to invent in.

Invention Academy - About us



Invention Academy - About us



Invention Academy - About us



Who We Are

About Us

Invention Academy was founded in 2016, our primary focus is on providing education and training for future inventors and innovators. We strive to help people with no academic qualifications to acquire the skills and methodologies to unleash their creativity and be able to invent and compete in the market of patent and intellectual property. The strength of our academic expertise combined with the breadth of disciplines we cover, provides rich opportunities for our students to make a great impact in the world and influence the trends of future technologies. 

Our Vision

Invention Academy believes that access to high quality and specialized education can promote global economic development and technological advance to create a better tomorrow. 

Our Mission

The mission of Invention Academy is to provide affordable, quality, online transformative educational programs to prepare students to be the inventors and innovators of tomorrow.

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Our Goals

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Innovative Educational Programs   

Preparing tomorrow's inventors through educational programs focused on integrating knowledge, skills, innovative methodologies & creative thinking to help them move their inventions from the state of an idea to a patent.

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Full-range Patent Services & Solutions

Helping inventors to protect and profit from their patents through comprehensive patent services, including patent analysis, technology analysis and market analysis, in addition to invention licensing and PCT filing service. 

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High-quality Learning Experience  

Creating & developing high-quality learning experience and innovative training materials with measurable impact to make learners think out of the box, be able to analyze, solve problems and structure plans of action with clear goals.