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Strategic alignment of intellectual property with business plays a vital role in the success of any  company. Companies from all sizes (start-ups, small businesses and medium and large businesses) need to create, protect, maintain and manage intellectual property in order to stay one step ahead from their competitors. To stay competitive, all businesses need to take the right steps to success in their business strategies. Invention academy has a decade of experience in handling technologies of various complexities and conducts a comprehensive strategic analysis of intellectual property. We combine information on industry, technology and strategy developments with our in-depth knowledge of intellectual property to provide comprehensive patent services ranging from patent consulting to patent monetization and PCT filing.


Increased Profit Margins  

Patents are the most important way to get the most out of your R&D investment. With a patent, the exclusion of competing products means that you can set your profit margins at a high enough level to make your R&D investment profitable. Also, as long as your patent is in force (about 20 years), no one else can enter the market with a product or service covered by your patent. Without a patent, competitors can reverse your manufacturing processes and copy your final product. And they won't have to make the same investment in R&D as you, which will allow them to sell the product at a lower price.

Control your deployment strategy

Since a patent usually protects your technology for 20 years, you can establish a long-term business model around your technology - with no competition to worry about. As a result, you have the time, space and flexibility you need to ensure that your technology has been sufficiently validated and optimized for reception with each of your target markets. Patents give you the market security you need to develop a more effective long-term marketing, sales and deployment strategy.

Royalties from Licensing 

Patents are often used as leverage in the negotiation of technology licenses, which allows other companies to use or sell your technology in exchange for royalty payments. Businesses with limited capital or companies which have developed a product that falls in a market segment outside their core business can license their technologies and earn significant revenues from royalties for many years. 

Wider Market Reach  

With a patent, your business can generate additional revenue by expanding your technology to multiple markets, either geographically or by industry sector, if you are an established company in the market. Alternatively, you can actively license your technology to companies in multiple markets and achieve massive market penetration, boost sales and increase your revenues through your license.


Invention licensing

With today's knowledge-based economy, patents are valuable assets for any business that wants to enter the market and avoid competition. Most start-ups, small and medium businesses are looking to sell their intellectual property and monetize their inventions. As an experienced IP player, Invention Academy can help you to structure and optimize your IP portfolio, by identifying the right assets to license and monetize. We can help you find the best possible fit for your intellectual property and generate lucrative incomes from your patents.

Patent Consulting

Competent intellectual property management and protection is a key element of each company's overall strategy for growth and success in today's global and competitive economic environment. This management and protection of your intellectual property usually begins with an understanding of the patents you own, the technology you possess and the market you target. Invention Academy is committed to providing comprehensive patent consulting services including Patent analysis, technology analysis and market analysis to help you understand the key challenges your business faces and enable you to maximize your business potential.

PCT Filing

The PCT allows companies seeking IP protection in several countries to file a single international application, providing them with more time to prepare and file an application in more than 150 Contracting States. File your international patent application in a transparent manner through our extensive global network of experts and strategic expertise. The costs and delays depend on the countries in which you wish to obtain patent protection. Benefit from a streamlined solution for PCT and national phase filing that reduces costs, ensures quality and provides greater transparency and accountability.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019


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