Invention Academy helps university technology transfer departments through various services protect and license their IPs. We also consult and guide them to steer their research in the right direction in order to easily market their patents and increase their revenues.  

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What Benefits Will You Bring to Your University ?

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Increase University Innovation

Patenting of IP allows universities to license the results of their research, help theoretical projects become reality and foster innovation. 

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Boosting economical development

Encouraging universities to patent their research contributes in increasing productivity and profitability across the whole economic spectrum.

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Fostering practical innovations

Focusing on licensing of practical projects showing real promise for improving lives of people enables universities to make a big difference. 

Invention Academy - Benefits for Businesses

Generating funds for ongoing research

 By patenting & licensing their research, universities ensure the relevance of their discoveries & benefit from the advantages of royalties.

Strengthening Universities Global Reputation 

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Invention licensing

Our patent experts help university technology transfer departments monetize their patents and increase their revenues by mapping patents from universities to technology companies quickly and efficiently.

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Patent Consulting

For Innovative University Tech Transfer Offices, we provide consulting services in market analysis, technology analysis and patent analysis to help you focus your research and innovation efforts in the right direction.

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PCT Filing

PCT filing is very important for universities to establish protection in a range of countries. We make the process easy for you by providing you with a central point of contact for all your patent applications worldwide. 

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