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In today’s knowledge-intensive economy, patents are valuable assets for any business to have market penetration and bypass competition. Our licensing services are perfectly situated to help you navigate the perils of licensing your invention. Our deep experience in the IP market and creative strategies ensure that we can help you find the best possible fit for your intellectual property. Should you be searching out a potential licensee? We will leverage our expertise to connect you with qualified and motivated licensees for your invention.


Sometimes you are not in a position to manufacture and bring your product to market. Either your are an inventor or an entrepreneur with limited capital or you are a company that has developed a product that falls in a market segment outside your core business. 

Whatever the circumstances, licensing your product to an established company is a powerful method of monetizing your IP. The strategic alliance involving your innovative technology and a company’s established brand and distribution channels can result in your product being on the shelves faster and at a reduced risk to you. 

Basically, licensing is about leasing your product. You retain ownership of the intellectual property, but you grant rights to another company for the manufacture, import, advertising and sale of your product in a certain territory for a certain period of time. Our licensing service is the bridge between your invention and the companies who want your invention. Through our team of specialists we provide the information, resources, and contacts necessary to get your invention in the hands of right licensee. 

With the right strategies and experts working for you, the opportunities for your invention are endless. We at Invention Academy seek out these opportunities to find the potential licensees for your invention and negotiate a lucrative licensing agreement for your innovative product.


Short Time to Market

Developing an organizational business structure to manage your invention and its sales can take long time, also providing the necessary manufacturing and distribution requires massive investment. In general, this can not be accomplished  in a few months, it requires longer time. However, issuing a license to an established business can guarantee your product will be launched on the market quickly and easily. Our licensing experts can help you get through the licensing process, step by step, so you are able to reap the benefits of your invention.

Break into New Markets

Licensing your patent can let you access new markets which are closed to imports, avoid export taxes or mitigate risks associated with international expansion. For instance, if you license your technology to a big distributor in the market, you can gain a massive market penetration, increase sales and earn more revenues from your license. We can assist you in negotiating the best royalties rate for your license.

Generate Revenues

When you license your invention to a licensee, he will pay for the right to hold the license to your patent. This can be a one-off payment, continuous payments known as royalties, or variable payments depending on the profits. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of inventors license their patents, they avoid the high manufacturing and distribution costs and get paid for the right to use their patent.

Keep Ownership of your IP

Licensing allows you to grant permission for the use of your intellectual property to your licensee, while receiving royalty income and still retaining ownership of your asset. Licensing your IP has a number of great benefits for you. It can be a great way of getting significant returns from your patent. It is wise to consult the right patent specialists before going further.

Reduce Risk

Launching a new product or invention in a new market is a risky business; However, with a license agreement, you can actually share this risk with your licensee just to make sure you reduce the risk of devastating losses if you take the task by yourself because this operation may require a comprehensive organizational structure that may not be readily available for most inventors.


Confidentiality by Default

All our Experts and researchers are bound by non-disclosure agreements related to your invention submission, so you can be reassured that your disclosure is 100% confidential. We engage to maintain all communications with you secure in high confidentiality, so all information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy. Also when dealing with potential licensees, we ensure every potential licensee is bound by non-disclosure agreement before any presentation or deal. 

Tailored Licensing Strategy

For every invention, we adopt a unique strategy to match your invention’s unique requirements and the qualified target licensees for your patent. By leveraging our extensive experience, we ensure you to target the potential licensees fit for your invention. We customize the depth and breadth of our licensing strategy to support your exact needs and help you maximize your revenue from your invention.

Short Time Process

Licensing process usually take long time for presentation and negotiation with potential licensees. However, by leveraging our experience and extended strategies, we can help you shorten the long process of licensing. Our knowledge of the IP landscape of many technology fields allow as to speed up the process of negotiation and get to the goal in shorter time.

Proven Methodologies

We combine the art and science of searching and analyzing the landscape of your invention technical field to maximize value for your patent and target the right and qualified potential licensees. By employing advanced and smart methodologies, we are able to target the most motivated licensees interested in your invention, we help you present your invention with confidence to your future licensees and ensure you maximum revenues for your valuable invention.

Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is the most critical point before any licensing agreement. Our experienced licensing team has the right skills to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Our knowledge of the IP landscape and the market trends are valuable assets to ensure a successful outcome from your licensing agreement.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019 


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