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A journey of One Million $ starts with a single Idea.

Invention Academy

Who is the Inventor ?

An inventor is a creative person who invents solutions featuring an element of novelty, that is, a new feature which is not known in the body of existing knowledge in his technical field. They must not be obvious to a technically competent person and they are industrially applicable. So, the inventor is a person who is able to transform ideas into a source of income by patenting them and selling, licensing or investing them in a project of which he or she is directly or indirectly in charge.

Invention Academy
Invention Academy

How to become an Inventor?

Invention Academy has developed a learning pathway to help students improve their creative skills and achieve their objectives to invent and innovate in the field of their interest.

The curricula have been designed by specialized instructional designers using methodologies based on active learning and differentiated pedagogy respecting the multiple intelligence of students and applying gamification techniques...

The progress in the learning pathway is achieved by accomplishing 4 characteristics:

Invention Academy

Creative Thinker

Invention Academy

Scientific Mind

Invention Academy


Invention Academy


As each characteristic is achieved, the student will receive a badge. After the completion of all the characteristics, the learner will be qualified to enter the world of invention and be able to develop new, creative, non-obvious and industrially applicable solutions which he/she can protect by patenting them, selling them, licensing them or investing them as a project.  

Invention 101

Learn the skills, knowledge and tools you need to become a professional and creative inventor. 

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