Artificial Assistant

An Artificial Intelligence, Smart And Multi-skilled

What is the Artificial Assistant ?

 Artificial Assistant is a system combining software applications and/or hardware working continuously to make humans lives better. The Artificial Assistant can perform multiple basic tasks and others tasks you can specify and we will develop for you. Ask him questions and get instant answers, say a command and he will obey, communicate with him by visual or voice commands and he will interact with you by gestures, sounds, pictures and light... - Artificial Assistant

What are the benefits of The Artificial Assistant ? - Working efficiency

Working efficiency

Among your organization members, there is no equal to the Artificial Assistant. He works for your organization without stop at reduced cost. He is less expensive than a volunteer and more committed and competent than an employee. - Always in touch with your audience

Always in touch with your audience

The Artificial Assistant is your organization member permanently connected  with your audience. He is the representative of your organization who keeps your audience permanently in touch with your organization message and aware about its needs of support and donations. - Permanent and efficient impact

Permanent and efficient impact

Do you want your organization impact to be a life style for your audience? You want to provide permanent support and advice to them anytime? The Artificial Assistant will be the intelligence and knowledge who will serve your audience and answer all their questions. - Speak with him

Speak with him

Your Artificial Assistant can hear your voice, understand what you said to him and react pro-actively with you. - Use Your Fingers

Use Your Fingers

We can add a touch screen. Then, you can communicate and interact with your Artificial Assistant by touch. - Communicate With Gestures

Communicate With Gestures

We can develop your Artificial Assistant to understand body language, sign language and custom gestures as commands.

Artificial Assistant Looks, Listens And Learns - Artificial Assistant makes your life easier

Personal Artificial Assistant :

Personal Artificial Assistant makes your life easier

Personal Artificial Assistant will tell you the current time and inform you about the weather forecast. If you want to know about your favorite team, he can provide you with the last news. No more worries about your bills status, airplane tickets,.. Your Personal Artificial Assistant will take care about that. He will organize and manage your calendar, remind you about the close events, notify you about special occasions like birthdays, holidays,… He can manage your home budget and update your shopping list,.. and much more…

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  Home Artificial Assistant :

Control your home with Home Artificial Assistant

Home Artificial Assistant can be a helpful presence at Home. He is your best solution to control your Home with ease. Just say a command and he will obey.

  • Switches on/off lights, dims them and helps economize electricity consumption 

  • Controls home appliances like the refrigerator, the oven, the microwave…

  • Manages and tracks your house temperature and humidity …

  • Monitors the alarm system and controls the surveillance cameras of the house.

  • ... Specify a new task and we will develop it for you. - Home control

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Cloud Artificial Assistant :

Interact with Cloud Artificial Assistant from anywhere 

Stay connected to your Cloud Artificial Assistant from anywhere. We develop custom and easy-to-use Web/Mobile Interface for Cloud Artificial Assistant with features like :

  • Connect to your Cloud Artificial Assistant anywhere and anytime.

  • Control any device remotely from anywhere.

  • Monitor and access multiple types of information from sensors connected to your Cloud Artificial Assistant.

  • Send commands to your Cloud Artificial Assistant and receive reports about the commands he executed.

  • ... Specify a new task and we will develop it for you. - Interact with your Artificial Assistant

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In-enclosure Artificial Assistant :

In-enclosure Artificial Assistant can be what you want, can do what you ask

In short time and reduced cost without compromising in quality, we design unique and eye-catching In-enclosure Artificial Assistant tailored to your needs and fit with your brand. The enclose will suit your concept and vision with high quality design compliant with standards. The enclose form will fit functionality and the interface will be modern, simple and easy-to-use. We develop smart In-enclosure Artificial Assistant able to communicate pro-actively with humans using many ways. He can engage with humans by gestures, sounds, pictures and light. By using cutting-edge Computer vision technologies, In-enclosure Artificial Assistant can see, recognize and understand the world around him:


He can express himself with gestures and interacts with humans by moving his head and his parts.


He can speak and produce sounds, ringtones to communicate with humans and echo his emotions like joy, astonishment, confusion ...


We can add a screen to In-enclosure Artificial Assistant to let him express his emotions through icons and pictograms like smiling, anger, joy…


If an appointment is near, a new email is in your inbox, or an event is close..., In-enclosure Artificial Assistant will emit lights to notify about that. We can develop this feature to convey your needs.

Identifying people

In-enclosure Artificial Assistant can recognize the members of the family and identify them individually.

Understanding face expressions

He can understand your mood and emotions by analyzing face expressions and interact with you accordingly.

Distinguishing objects

In-enclosure Artificial Assistant recognizes and identifies objects around him and deals with them.

Taking pictures

He can take pictures of the best moments and events in the house and send them to you.

Recording Video

He records short videos for special events at home, you can share them with your family members. - Extend your Artificial Assistant

Custom Artificial Assistant :

Custom Artificial Assistant with custom  functionalities

  Custom Aertificial Assistant can be your smart consultant, your lovely teacher and your funny trainer... We add new features and expand the functionalities of your Custom Artificial Assistant with our unique development service. We add custom features and functionalities to your Custom Artificial Assistant and we make sure the new modules work fine with the others integrated modules of your Custom Artificial Assistant. Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding customizations that are tailored to your needs. We take into consideration multiple factors in our development process like: - Short Time to Market

Short Time to Market

In developing your CAA, we ensure delivering a high quality product in short time to make you stand apart from the crowd. - Cost Effective

Cost Effective

 We develop a high quality CAA with cost reduction and efficiency and deliver a product with convenient price and improved quality. - High Quality Design

High Quality Design

The CAA will be designed using latest technologies to ensure high quality product in compliance with standards.

Custom Artificial Assistant can be specialist in a specific domain


He can identify your health problem and gives you the best recommendations to follow. 

Financial assistance

He can help you track your bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses and manages your budget.


The Custom Artificial Assistant can teach you, train you and improve your skills in specific domains and More.

Administration & organization

The Custom Artificial Assistant can help you organize your contact and manage your calendar and events...

Religious Consulting

The Custom Artificial Assistant is the right person you can trust in any commandments and rules based consulting service. 

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