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 Zimbra is trusted by more than 5,000 companies, including global brands such as NTT Communications, Dell, VMware, Red Hat,... and Vodafone. It includes full-featured email, calendar, address book, file sharing... It can be accessed from the Zimbra Web client, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, ... and mobile devices. - Zimbra

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Cloud Groupware is a group of collaborative software including an email server and a web client, together provide e-mail, group calendars and document sharing services. It can also synchronize data with mobile devices like Android, Iphone, windows phone… - Private Email Server - Best messaging experience

Best messaging experience with increased collaboration in a secure environment

Cloud Groupware is a powerful email and collaboration suite built for the cloud. It is the right solution for any organization, it offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting users to information and activities in the cloud. Cloud Groupware is the perfect collaboration tool, users can chat and share files with high level of security and privacy and so much more. 

Use Your Own Private & Secure Email Server and Collaboration Suite

Cloud Groupware is a collaboration solution including full-featured email, calendar, address book, file sharing ..., It can be accessed from the Web client, MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and other standards-based email clients and mobile devices. - Secure Email Server and Collaboration Suite

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Cloud Groupware Features

Better Reliability - Better Reliability

Faster online move, backup and recovery of a single or a group of mailboxes.

Flexibility - Flexibility

Uses web client, Microsoft Outlook, or Apple Mail to manage email, contacts, and calendar.

Stay Connected - Stay Connected

Support for mobile smart devices: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone…

Secure - Secure

Compatible with anti-spam/anti-virus, includes SpamAssassin & ClamAV and uses high Web security models.

High Availability & Collaboration - High Availability & Collaboration

Connect to your personal cloud with a smarter mailbox that includes e-mails, tasks, address book, calendar... anywhere from any smartphone or device, work online or offline with Zimbra Desktop or clients such as Microsoft Outlook.

Advanced Web Experience - Advanced Web Experience

Boost your productivity with an innovative and robust, browser-based interface. Send and receive securely your emails, manage your files with instant sharing of documents and folders. find optimal group meeting times using Calendar wizard.

Simple & Easy Administration - Simple & Easy Administration

You can manage end-user features, quotas, storage policies from anywhere, you can easily migrate from Microsoft Exchange and Domino environments to Cloud Groupware. Don’t worry about security, Cloud Groupware includes an anti-Spam and an anti-virus.

Smarter Mailbox for Better Management - Smarter Mailbox for Better Management

Cloud Groupware provides smart options to manage your mailbox, you can view inbox by message or by Conversation, drag and drop messages into folders or onto Tags, search and filter messages...

Start Chat - Start Chat

Start chatting with a simple click and communicate with other users right from within the Web Client. Use emojis to show your mood and control your status easily.

Online/Offline Access - Online/Offline Access

Access offline using Zimbra Desktop or the free email client for Windows, Mac and Linux, or online by aggregating and synchronizing Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, ...

Access from Any Device - Access from Any Device

You can access Cloud Groupware and synchronize with any device: iOS, Windows and Android-based smart phones and tablets, PCs, laptops… from anywhere.

No More Toggling - No More Toggling

You can drag a message onto the Email Calendar Widget to automatically create a meeting with the email recipients, including any attachments and email notes, no more hassle with toggling elements.

Simplified Workflow with tabs - Simplified Workflow with tabs

Simplified context switching between email and the calendar using tabs, you can open email, Compose tabs and calendar event tabs... all at the same time and work seamlessly.

Robust Calendar for your Organization - Robust Calendar for your Organization

Multi-views by day, week, month...Change event time, date and duration by simple drag and drop. Mark events public, private or busy. Tag events for faster organization, share them with email, contacts...

Manage Large Meetings Instantly - Manage Large Meetings Instantly

Easily previews invitees’ free/busy times, auto-suggests next available time / locations, instantly previews and auto-suggests available conference rooms at selected time.

Delegate & Share Access to Calendars - Delegate & Share Access to Calendars

Share Calendars within or outside your workgroup, grant others View, Manage or Administration rights, Allow delegates to accept meeting invites ‘on behalf of’ …. Import any iCal feed or Google calendar..

Dedicated Search Tab - Dedicated Search Tab

Simple interface to quickly filter and search email, contacts, events, task and documents with an offline capability easily provided with Zimbra Desktop or similar standards-based client.

Preserve your Searches - Preserve your Searches

Save your searches as a virtual Search Folders, you can define them by multiple attributes (eg individual + attachment + unread), you can move and group them within other inbox folders like normal folders.

Multi-Search Options - Multi-Search Options

Create powerful sorting options quickly and easily with Visual Search Builder, an advanced search module available in each core application, refresh your search results in real-time and save them as Search Folders. - Cloud computing

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