Cloud Management

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep your Cloud up and running.

Server Administration:

Focus on your organization mission, let us worry about your technology

Servers are the backbone of your OnCloud Organization infrastructure. If one of your Cloud server stops, so does your work. Your Cloud servers must be online and up and running 24/7. Our Server Administration team ensures high quality server support, server management and server security.

 With our experience in server administration rest assured your Cloud servers are in good hands. Our Server Administration services include: - Server Management
  • System Management

  • Application Management

  • Database Management

  • Backup and Restores - Security and Vulnerability Assessments

Security and Vulnerability Assessments :

We take care about your Cloud security, focus on your vision

With the rapid evolution of technology, and new security threats emerging every day, it's easy to feel as if you can not keep up with the information security requirements. Our Security Services assess the threats your Cloud is exposed to and provide you with the most logical and affordable security solutions to ensure the safety of your OnCloud Organization. We monitor your Cloud servers for vulnerabilities,we limit exposure, and patch your Cloud servers regularly. Our Security & Vulnerability Assessments services include: 

  • Best Security Practice 

  • Security Consulting

  • Security Audit and Analysis

  • Server Hardening 

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessment

Disaster Planning :

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

When a disaster strikes, all your applications, Cloud servers can be down and all your operations and activities will stop. Our Disaster recovery services are designed to provide you with a customized solution based on your organization conditions and needs to keep your OnCloud Organization servers up and running. 

Our Disaster Planning solutions include: - disaster planning
  • Disaster and Recovery Plan  

  • Periodic Restore Tests 

  • Full Server Image Backup 

  • File Level Only Backup 

  • Offsite Backup Solution 

  • Disaster Recovery Audit - Proactive Server Maintenance

Proactive Server Maintenance :

Proactive Server Maintenance is the key to avoid Cloud downtime!  

Servers are the engines of your OnCloud Organization. With time, they can become unstable and their performance can deteriorate. So they need regular maintenance to keep them up and running, protect them against failures and optimize their performance. Our proactive maintenance services ensure your Cloud servers are running at peak performance, keeping your data safe and giving you peace of mind. 

Our proactive maintenance services cover:

  • Performance Audits 

  • OS Patches and Updates

  • Storage Server patches & Updates  

  • ERP Applications patches & Updates

  • VPN Server patches & Updates

  • Mail Server patches & Updates

  • CMS Applications patches & Updates

  • LMS Applications patches & Updates

Server Monitoring :

A little leaven leavens the whole lump

 We scan your Cloud servers to prevent irregularities or failures, because even a small problem in your Cloud server performance could lead to complications that would stop your organization operations. Our server monitoring services help identify issues and unexpected problems in the performance of your Cloud servers to fix them before they affect your activities and productivity.

 Our Server Monitoring services consist of : - Server monitoring
  • CPU/RAM/Disk Monitoring

  • Filesystem monitoring

  • Database Monitoring

  • Applications Monitoring

  • Intrusion Monitoring 

  • Event Log Monitoring - Analysis Report

Analysis Report :

Recommendations and Detailed Analysis Reports

We install, configure and maintain your Cloud servers, ensuring optimal functionality and security for your OnCloud Organization. We provide the highest level of services and attention to details to make sure you are getting the most out of your Cloud solutions. So, every month you will receive recommendations and detailed analysis reports about the health and performance of your Cloud servers which includes:

  • Server Administration Report

  • Security & Vulnerability Assessments Report

  • Disaster Planning Report

  • Proactive Server Maintenance Report

  • Recommendations - Cloud computing

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