Creative Book Editing

Through the whole book creation process, we help you from cover creation to proof reading with high quality services and solutions to ensure your book reaches the right audience and get the desired impact.

Book Cover Design :

Your book is judged by its cover, make it unique!

 Books are judged by their covers. A good cover makes your book attractive and eye-catching for readers. We provide you with Book Cover Design Service, we start by asking questions to define your target audience and your book genre, then we design several covers and we work with you to achieve the desired look for your final book cover.

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Book Layout Design :

Great book layout design means readable and engaging book

The primary purpose of book layout design is to make your book easy to read and understand. We ensure your book layout is consistent with the cover, engaging, typographically attracting and readable. We begin the interior design based on your book cover to ensure consistency. Upon your approval of the initial page designs, we apply the design to the entire book. 

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Copy Editing & Proofreading :

With Copy editing and proofreading, we ensure the accuracy and consistency of your book

 Copy editing and proofreading are important steps before publication to ensure accuracy, consistency and quality of your book. We check typographical errors, grammar, punctuation errors and if the content is consistent in spelling, style and terminology.

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Book Indexing :

Index is your book map, make it meaningful

Index is essential to your book, it is your map to your book content. A good index contains all the important topics, subtopics and cross references in a meaningful order. We create high-quality, concise index structured to accurately reflect the content of your book. 

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Content Editing :

Make your book message accurate and clear for your target audience

 Content editing is about the overall accuracy and consistency of your content. We examine the content of your book and look for repetitions, unclear points, unnecessary content... We develop your content to better meet your target audience.

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Content Development

Turn your content into an engaging and accessible book for the next generation 

We turn your content into an engaging and accessible book that will captivate the new generation. After the initial evaluation of your book, we discuss the recommended changes with you. Together, we establish the goals to be achieved and set a plan to move the book forward.

Content Development Features

Visually attractive

Images are far more memorable than words alone, and make learning much more effective, we use pictures and graphics to make things more visual and easy on the eyes. We breathe life into the content and make it more understandable.

Data and Statistics

We help readers visualize some of the stats and data presented to them using statistics and data from reliable sources. We let the content speaks directly to the reader.

Graphics and Charts

Infographics help illustrate the subject we are trying to explain in the content. Complex information is presented in a clear and quick manner. We make the content much easier to visualize and understand than intimidating blocks of text.

Exercises & quizzes

We motivate, inspire and engage the readers to solve problems, draw conclusions and gain new knowledge. We create challenging exercises, thought-provoking questions and activities involving both sides of the brain. - Cloud computing

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