Creative Management

Good management makes great impact in the world

Good management needs use of the right tools and implementation of efficient processes and methodologies to achieve the objectives of your NGO. By redesigning the processes at the heart of your NGO (strategic planning, HR management, financial management,…) we help boost the operational efficiency and growth of your NGO to reach new levels of performance and achieve its goals and objectives.

Creativity is the power to act - Ai Weiwei -

Strategic Planning

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it – Alan Lakein

Strategic planning is tightly connected with the identity and mission of your NGO. It obviously helps to answer questions like : Why do you exist? What is the unique contribution you bring to the world? What would be lost if you did not exist? Who are you? We can help you answer these questions and recreate your strategic planning process to efficiently manage your priorities, strengthen your operations toward your objectives, focus your energy and resources and set new measures for the future to achieve your vision.

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HR Management

People are the most valuable resource and asset for your NGO

People are the most important resource for your NGO. Good management of employees and volunteers is crucial to achieve your NGO objectives. We help your NGO with innovative HR strategy and guidelines, we develop new creative procedures for volunteers evaluations and recruitment, and training solutions to improve your NGO employees and volunteers skills, and design new solutions to better to manage stress and conflict inside your NGO.

Financial Management

Good financial management is your key to success

Financial management is crucial for the success of any organization, It is important for your NGO to incorporate necessary measures towards risk management, resource mobilization and budgeting. It is the responsibility of NGO leaders to manage funds in a way that leads to the sustainability of their activities. We help your NGO develop new financial policies using innovative and creative solutions for better financial planning and management to help your NGO achieve its overall goals and objectives.

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Monitoring and evaluation

Get insights and measure the effectiveness of your impact in the world

Monitoring and evaluation are practices dedicated to the assessment of the overall performance of your NGO and to measure the effectiveness of programs and the success of implemented projects. By enabling processes built on flexible and creative solutions, we help your NGO get better monitoring and evaluation results, and provide innovative solutions to proactively engage with real problems to positively affect the lives of your NGO target audience.

Strategic Communication

The art of communication is the language of leadership – James Humes

Strategic communication is capital in developing successful and effective campaigns and reaching the goals of your NGO. It contributes to the realization of your organization's vision and strategic objectives. We develop new strategies and tactics to meet your NGO objectives, define your target audiences and the communications channels to reach them, we specify your NGO key messages and schedule timelines and set budgets for implementing your NGO new communication plan.

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