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To Shine Move Your Vision From Underground To OnCloud

Millions of dollars are lost annually in underground projects for limited impact, a great effort is wasted on buildings and equipment without results. Ideas and dreams are presented as projects without study or planning ... The result is failure. Donors and sponsors spend their money on projects without being able to monitor the progress of the project or evaluate its performance…

It is time to say stop to waste your money in underground projects! Move to Cloud! With OnCloud Organization Solutions, you can focus on your target audience more than buildings. Our strict approaches and methodologies in studying and developing projects ensure your success and with OnCloud Organization tools you can control, monitor and evaluate the progress of your projects.

This is the Time for your Organization to be Worldwide!

Virtual Reality 

By teaching in the Virtual World, the learning experience becomes an unforgettable journey.

Services and Solutions - Fundraising Researches

Fundraising Researches

Improve your fundraising project requirements, attract more funders & donors to your organization, increase your incomes & achieve your mission. - Project Study

Project Study

Increase your organization chances to success in its fundraising campaigns and improve the outcome and impact reach of your organization projects. - Marketing


Attract more support to your cause and increase your organization reach, build stronger relationships and achieve your organization goals and objectives. - Creative Books

Creative Books

Create or develop your book content with new technologies and turn it into an engaging and accessible book that will captivate the next generation audience. - Training


Train and develop the skills of your organization employees and volunteers, boost their productivity and make them the leaders of the change in their environment. - Translation


Translate your organization works, books, videos, spread your message in foreign languages and reach a wider audience and get more supporters to your cause. - Gamification


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