Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring & Evaluation

We provide innovative methodologies and creative tools to help your organization measure its projects impacts on target audiences . Monitoring and evaluation tools and methodologies help your organization measure its impact and improve its performance. - Monitoring & Evaluation

Every Organization Needs Monitoring And Evaluation To Assess The Impact Of Its Activities And Improve Its Performance - Review & Monitoring

Review & Monitoring

Your organization needs efficient monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools to ensure increase in its incomes, diversity in its funding sources, improvement in its performance and boost in its productivity. - Project Study

Project Study

In order to success in its projects, and make a great impact in the world, your organization  needs to perform ongoing fundraising feasibility studies and project evaluations to continually improve its performance and increase its chance to success. - Survey


With Survey application, you can create engaging and clear survey forms effortlessly, share them quickly and benefit immediately from results. Run your statistics, measure response rates, and extract the analysis in a few clicks. - Dashboards


Your organization has no more secrets for you, all your important figures are in front of you. With Dashboards application, you can track the process of each activity, from projects to reports and invoices, and obtain statistical information on all topics. - Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker application lets you easily manage the daily expenses of your volunteers and employees. Whether it's travel costs or any other costs, you track all your team expenses and make sure you meet the target and budget specified. - Timesheet


Get an overview of the timesheet of your volunteers and employees and approve them with the Timesheet application. Monitor and review their performance by project or task and measure the profitability of their efforts. - Cloud computing

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