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 To Shine Move Your Vision From Underground To OnCloud 

Good management makes great impact on the world

If you want participate in the Christian Auction, please take a look at the Cloud lots below. If you find a Cloud lot(s) that you would like to bid on email us. Be sure to specify your full name, email, phone number, Cloud number(s) wanted and max bid price per Cloud. The auction starts on 01 August 2018 from 12:00 a.m (IDT) and will end on 31 August 2018 from 07:00 p.m (IDT). You will be notified after August 31th if you are the final bidder. Some restrictions apply. If you have any questions please contact us at +212688867595 or email at @invention.academy.

charis.ma - Good management
charis.ma - Strategic planning

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it – Alan Lakein

Strategic planning is tightly connected with the identity and mission of your organization. It obviously helps to answer questions like : Why does your organization exist? What is the unique contribution it brings to the world? What would be lost if your organization did not exist?  We help you answer these questions and recreate your strategic planning process to efficiently manage your priorities, strengthen your operations toward your objectives, focus your energy and resources and set new measures for the future to achieve your vision. 

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Cloud Infrastructure

With enhanced security and privacy, we designed the OnCloud Organization infrastructure to be fast and easy-to-use.

Data Storage

Access & sync your files securely anytime from anywhere. Store, manage and share files online with your team members with high level of security and privacy.


Manage your emails, contacts, calendars and events with your own private and secure email server. Increase your team collaboration and boost their productivity.


Organize and control effectively your ministry resources. Manage easily your ministry staff and monitor your ministry projects and missions with efficiency and facilitate decisions making.


Create your own community and manage your social networks with easy-to-use tools, publish your content and spread your message to your audience for more impact.


Secure your ministry connections over the Internet, encrypt your communications, keep your personal information private from prying eyes and hackers.


TKeep your employees computers safe from hackers and virus, encrypts your files and get access to your OnCloud Ministry from a secure environment.


Create and manage your Bible study courses, theological seminaries, discipleship training… with creative and smart tools to enhance the learning experience.

Managed Cloud

We manage and keep your Cloud up and running. We monitor your cloud servers for vulnerabilities and patch them regularly. We identify issues and unexpected problems and fix them before they affect your activities and productivity.

charis.ma - Financial Management

Good financial management is your key to success

  Diverse challenges limit the growth of Church in North Africa. Social difficulties and legal obstacles make the effect of ministry old methodologies very limited. Millions of dollars are lost annually in underground projects for limited impact, a great effort is wasted on old methodologies to spread the Gospel without results. Ideas and dreams are presented as projects without study or planning ... The result is failure. Donors and sponsors spend their money on projects without being able to monitor the progress of the project or evaluate its performance…

It is time to say stop to waste time, money and efforts in working with old methodologies on underground projects! Move from underground to OnCloud! With OnCloud Ministry new methodologies, you can focus on spreading the Gospel effectively and overcome the constraints of old methodologies. With OnCloud Ministry new methodologies, you can spread the Good News more effectively, impact wider audiences, manage your ministry employees and volunteers, monitor the efforts of leaders and missionaries, control and evaluate the progress of your projects.

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charis.ma - Financial Management

Good financial management is your key to success

 OnCloud Ministry is an infrastructure of servers and devices connected to Internet. You can access Cloud applications and services like calendar, project management, accounting, human resources management,... and data storage from your computer with a secure Internet connection.

To use these cloud applications and services you don’t need to have specific know-how about the cloud infrastructure. We take care about that, just focus on your ministry mission and fulfill the Great Commission.

As an example of some cloud services, Google Drive and DropBox are cloud services to store and share documents while Office 360 and Google Docs are cloud applications to create and edit documents.

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charis.ma - Financial Management

Good financial management is your key to success

  OnCloud Ministry lets you manage your ministry from anywhere in the world, you don't need an office or a building to hold your activities… All what you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

Your ministry team can work remotely and perform their tasks from anywhere. Your team can work together from anywhere in the world. All the tools and functionalities they need are available in the cloud, and without any IT experience, they can use applications like: Human resources management, project management, accounting and finance, communication, donations and crowdfunding tools,… and more. With Cloud technology, your ministry will grow faster, reduce expenses and achieve its mission in a short time.

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Our branding services help your ministry empowers its digital presence with engaging content to attract more people to the Gospel message, daily activity, and increase in followers. With SEO and social media advertising services, we ensure you higher ranking and more visitors. Email marketing helps your ministry get higher engagement with new believers and Gospel seekers, increase the level of participation among volunteers and workers, and more generous giving from donors and supporters. With content marketing, we help you impact more people with the Gospel message, lead them to the Lord Jesus Christ and build strong relationships through follow-up and discipleship.

Our Branding services include:

charis.ma - Marketing

Digital Presence Management 

  • Increase Your Cloud Traffic

  • Attract more Followers

  • Attract more Followers

Search Engine Optimization

  • Higher Ranking Results

  • Quality cloud Traffic

  • Measurable Results

Email Marketing

  • Raise money with targeted fundraising

  • Engage with your audience regularly

  • Real-time feedback

Content Marketing

  • Target your audience

  • Increase engagement

  • Drive more traffic

Social Media Advertising 

  • Get faster results

  • Advertise to your exact audience

Organization & Personal Branding

  • Increase trust  & credibility

  • Attract more supporters

  • Easy to fund new projects

Message Development 

There are many ways to target a new audience, you can translate the Gospel message to new languages, simplify and develop it with new technologies to fit the next generations. Translate the Gospel message to new language, Develop your book content, transform your ideas into visual representations, use the interactivity, gamification and virtual environments... to make the Gospel message more impactful and widespread and lead more people to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our message development services include:

charis.ma - Message Development


  • Website translation service

  • SEO translation service

  • Native Translators

  • Book translation

  • Transcription and translation

  • Subtitling translation

  • Interpreting

Creative Book Editing

  • Book cover design

  • Book layout design

  • Copy editing & proofreading

  • Indexing

  • Content editing

  • Content development


  • 3D visual

  • 3D animation

  • 3D interactive

  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality

  • Virtual World

Graphic Design

  • Print Design

  • Logo design

  • Brand Identity

  • Infographics

  • Motions graphics

  • Explainer videos


Our consulting services enhance your management strategies and leadership skills, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your ministry activities, improve the management of human and financial resources, boost the productivity of your ministry to reach new levels of performance in spreading the Gospel message and advancing God’s Kingdom and help your ministry prepare and anticipate for a positive future.

Our Consulting services include:

charis.ma - Consulting

Consulting & Futuring

  • Data Analytics

  • Digital Management of organization Operations

  • Strategic coalitions

  • New Technology Solutions

  • Futuring

Creative Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • HR Management

  • Financial Management

  • Monitoring and evaluation

  • Strategic Communication

Innovative Tools & Methodologies

  • Strategic Management

  • Innovative PM Methodologies

  • Effective advocacy

Smart Technologies

  • Simplifying IT infrastructure

  • Modernizing operating model

  • Securing OnCloud Oganization


Our fundraising services increase your chances to get funding for your projects, improve your ministry projects outcomes and the impact on your target audience and beneficiaries, from fundraising strategy development to impact monitoring, we boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your projects with innovative solutions to ensure high performance and greater impact. So your ministry can make a bigger difference in the world and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Our fundraising services include:

charis.ma - Fundraising

Review & Monitoring

  • Fundraising Strategy

  • Fundraising Review

  • Organizational review

  • Impact Monitoring

Project Study

  • Fundraising Feasibility Services

  • Project Evaluation

  • Project Needs Assessment

Fundraising Researches

  • Funding Opportunities Research

  • Bid Writing

Team Training

After finishing all the setup process steps, your designated team to manage the cloud applications will need training to benefit from all the tools and functionalities of the cloud applications and be qualified to efficiently and effectively manage your OnCloud Ministry. After the cloud setup phase, we will start training your team.  

Our training services cover the onboarding of your new volunteers and employees to become effective members inside your ministry, the software training to quickly master new software applications, the leadership training to help your leaders and managers manage their groups effectively and the risk management training to overcome any crisis scenario or risk exposure your ministry can face.

Our Team Training services include:

charis.ma - Team Training

Cloud management

Behind the scenes, we are working hard to keep your Cloud up and running. Every server needs tens hours of management tasks every month. We monitor your cloud servers for vulnerabilities, limit exposure, and patch your cloud servers regularly. We identify issues and unexpected problems in the performance of your cloud servers and fix them before they affect your activities and productivity... 

Our Cloud management services include:

charis.ma - Cloud management

Server Administration

  • Application Management

  • Database Management

  • System Management

  • Backup and Restore

Security  Vulnerability Assessment

  • Server Hardening 

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Assessments

  • Security Audit & Analysis

Analysis Report

  • Server Administration Report

  • Security and Vulnerability Assessments Report

  • Disaster Planning Report

  • Proactive Server Maintenance Report

  • Recommendations

Server Monitoring

  • CPU/RAM/Disk Monitoring

  • Filesystem monitoring

  • Database monitoring

  • Applications Monitoring

  • Intrusion Monitoring

  • Event Log Monitoring 

Proactive Server Maintenance

  • Performance Audits

  • OS Patches and Updates

  • Storage Server Patches and Updates

  • Mail Server Patches and Updates

  • VPN Server Patches and Updates

  • ERP Server Patches and Updates

  • SN Server Patches and Updates

  • LMS Server Patches and Updates

Disaster Planning

  • Disaster and Recovery Plan

  • Periodic Restore Tests

  • Full Server Image Backup

  • File Level Only Backup

  • Offsite Backup Solution

  • Disaster Recovery Audit

Cloud Infrastructure

With enhanced security and privacy, we designed the OnCloud Ministry infrastructure to be fast and easy-to-use.

Private Storage Server

Your cloud storage is a remote hard drive where your ministry volunteers and employees can store, manage, share and get access to their files online anytime from anywhere with high level of security and privacy.

Private Email Server

Cloud Groupware is a group of collaborative software including an email server and a web client, provides e-mail, group calendars and document sharing services. Your ministry will have a private & secure email server and collaboration suite accessible from anywhere.

VPN Accounts

VPN service provides a secure connection for your ministry volunteers and employees to connect to your cloud by passing all their online data through a strong encrypted tunnel. It adds more security and privacy to your private and public networks like Internet and public Wi-fi hotspots.

Secure Operating System

T.E.N.S is an operating system installed in a USB drive, developed by the United States Air Force to secure your computer. Trusted End Node Security (TENS) keeps your computer safe from hackers and virus, encrypts your files to get access to your cloud from a secure environment.

Cloud Applications

Manage, communicate and educate

charis.ma - Cloud SN

Cloud SN

Cloud SN gives you the power to build your ministry social network. Using its intuitive interface, you can easily add and modify content. You don’t need any coding skills to put your content online. With Cloud SN, you can easily create your website to share knowledge and spread the Gospel message.

charis.ma - Cloud LMS

Cloud LMS

Cloud LMS is an e-learning environment for Student-Teacher Interaction. It has been designed to help educators create effective e-learning communities. It is fun, innovative and creative, and filled with smart tools to enhance the learning experience. Cloud LMS is an ideal solution for e-learning adapted to your organization.

charis.ma - Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP system helps you organize and control the resources of your ministry effectively. It provides a large amount of tools to easily integrate areas of your ministry such as sales, planning, marketing, finance, human resources, .... and to simplify the complex management process and provides timely assistance to facilitate decision-making.

  OnCloud Organization

charis.ma - Cloud Organization

Because Your Vision Deserves The Best

Move your vision to the circle of success, control your projects, monitor the evolution of your organization and the improvement of your human resources performance...Move from limited impact to unlimited impact, from small range to wider range of your target audience...Move to Cloud.

Start Your OnCloud Project!