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To success in your organization projects, and make a great impact on the world, your organization needs to perform fundraising feasibility studies and project evaluations to improve its performance and increase its chance to success. With our experience and the right tools and methodologies, we provide fundraising feasibility studies, project evaluations and project needs assessments services. - Project Study

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A fundraising feasibility study is an important tool to identify the options and the scope of potential fundings for your organization project

A fundraising feasibility study helps identify the options and the scope of potential fundings from different sources and distinguishes the projects risks. We have worked with hundreds of projects, providing skills and expertise to help organizations take forward their plannings and developments. Our fundraising feasibility study process is tailored to the needs of your organization to ensure high efficiency. In general we follow the following steps: 

  • Analyze your organization fundraising history and reviewing your project plans to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

  • Set clear goals for your fundraising campaign and discuss all aspects of planning, progress and the engagement of employees and stakeholders.

  • Conducting a funding Prospect review and research to determine most appropriate funding sources and evaluate the internal and external factors that impact your fundraising campaign.

  • Delivering a feasibility report including an overview of the project feasibility, identification of all issues and considerations, potential resource requirements and returns; and determining risks and mitigation measures.

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Project evaluation is essential for your organization to achieve great impact, it must regularly evaluate and review its services to ensure it meets the need of project beneficiaries. We provide support and monitoring for organizations to assess the impact of their projects in order to improve the quality of future works and help them increase the effectiveness of their services. We work with you to undertake your project evaluation, identify the nature and scope of your project and conduct additional research and consultation. We present you a detailed evaluation report with all the results, statistics and analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of your project implementation and the impact of its deliverables.

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Appropriate needs assessment is crucial to implementing successful projects, It is essential to demonstrate the scope and impact on the beneficiaries as funders always want to see their investments are able to address the needs of critical areas that require action. To help your organization success in its projects, we follow an innovative approach to support your organization with needs assessment:  

  • We analyze the performance of your organization, we determine the “gap” between the current situation and the necessary, uncover areas of strength and weakness and identify your needs and objectives.

  • Collect appropriate data from stakeholders and employees from various departments & levels in your organization.

  • Collect appropriate data from current and potential beneficiaries.

  • Tabulate and analyze the results to get a clear picture of action steps.

  • The final results are presented in a needs assessment report. 

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