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We provide a range of services to improve the effectiveness of your fundraising effort and efficiency of your projects impact.

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In order to improve your organization projects outcomes and increase impact on your target audience and beneficiaries, your organization needs efficient monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools to ensure increase in incomes and diversity in funding sources. - Review and Monitoring

If You Can Provide The Funding and You Get The Leadership, You'll Have a Competitive Team. - T. Boone Pickens

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving – Hank Rosso

In the context of an ever-changing funding environment, the challenges your organization faces have never been greater, which gives you a choice between two options: working hard or thinking differently. But through our fundraising services, we ensure your fundraising strategy keeps pace with this changes in order to achieve your organization mission.  

Our process helps you discover the right strategy to achieve your fundraising goals:

  • Evaluating your current fundraising programs to understand where you are and identify gaps and opportunities to significantly boost your income.

  • Identifying your internal factors to prepare your organization ahead for significant fundraising expansion.

  • Identifying new potential markets, funders and partners to grow and diversify your funding avenues.

  • Identifying professional skills gaps and recommending the best solutions to better meet the future fundraising needs.

  • Offering guidance and support on implementing your new fundraising strategy by developing and monitoring your action plan, providing training, support...

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Increase your income and diversify your funding sources for better impact

If you are looking to increase the income of your organization and diversify your funding sources, you need to evaluate your fundraising strategy and methods to identify new areas of opportunities, as well as areas of weakness to be addressed. We review your fundraising strategy and help you with innovative fundraising techniques to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your strategy and drive your organization towards increasing and diversifying in your income.

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To face continuous changes in the external environment, your organization needs to have the right structure where all functions, roles and responsibilities are clearly defined in order to run your organization effectively and efficiently. An organizational review will provide a great opportunity to collect, organize, analyze, interpret relevant information to enable the strengthening of your organization and identify where development priorities lie and how to address them.

We have an intimate understanding of the civil society sector and with our Organizational Review services, we assess your organization situation, problems and needs by adopting a customized methodology to satisfy your organization needs and ensure practical and long-lasting results:

  • Analyze your organization structure history and reviewing your organization chart to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your organization.

  • Review the beneficiary and stakeholders views, the finances, the processes, systems and others resources.

  • Deliver an organizational review report with recommendations for priority development areas and an action plan.

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Understand, measure and improve the outcomes of your projects

Impact monitoring is crucial to ensure your organization initiatives and policies are better oriented to satisfy the needs of your beneficiaries . Good impact monitoring solutions should help you understand, measure and improve the outcomes of your initiatives and projects.

We help your organization identify the goals, outcomes and the relationships between the need of your projects and activities and the impact you intend to achieve. To help your organization success, we follow an innovative approach to:

  • Identify and consult with beneficiaries and stakeholders ...

  • Develop monitoring methodologies and tools tailored to your organization needs.

  • Support your organization through training and mentoring to implement tailored solutions and methodologies.

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