Review & Monitoring

It is time to sharpen the saw!

In order to improve your NGO projects outcomes and increase impact on your target audience and beneficiaries, your NGO will need efficient monitoring and evaluation methodologies and tools to ensure increase in incomes and diversity in funding sources. So, we provide a range of services to improve the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts and the efficiency of your projects impact.

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving – Hank Rosso

Do you feel like your NGO is running on a hamster wheel constantly trying to raise funds for the next upcoming project ? Is your NGO having problems to retain loyal donors and your campaigns seem random? This usually imposes a lot of stress on how to cover project costs and there is more pressure on a particular fundraising activity to be delivered. This is where a fundraising strategy could make all the difference. A fundraising strategy will help your NGO to evaluate what works best and plan for it. This means that instead of trying to raise money to cover the immediate costs, your NGO will have a plan to keep the money coming in and prevent your NGO from constantly trying to raise fund for every project.

With our experience in fundraising strategies, we help your NGO with innovative fundraising strategies tailored to the needs of your NGO projects. We ensure that your fundraising strategy keeps pace to achieve your NGO programs and mission goals.

We collaborate with your NGO to successfully navigate your most pressing challenges and opportunities. Our process helps your NGO discover the right strategy to achieve its fundraising goals:

  • Evaluating your NGO current fundraising programs to understand where you are and identify gaps and opportunities to significantly boost your NGO income.

  • Identifying your NGO internal factors to prepare your organization ahead for significant fundraising expansion.

  • Identifying new potential markets, funders and partners to grow and diversify your NGO funding avenues.

  • Identifying professional skills gaps and developing the best solutions to better meet future fundraising needs.

  • Offering guidance and support on implementing your NGO new fundraising strategy by developing and monitoring your NGO action plan, providing training support...

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Fundraising Review

Increase your income and diversify your sources for better impact

Is your NGO struggling with fundraising ? Does your NGO make the most of its opportunities? How effective is the fundraising?  A fundraising review will answer all these questions and helps your NGO to identify new areas of opportunity, as well as any areas of weakness to address.

We review your fundraising strategy and assist your NGO with innovative fundraising techniques to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your strategy, documents and approach to funders. We help your organization to increase its incomes, diversify its funding sources and take advantages from all the funding opportunities available.


Organizational review

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. - Ghandi

Implementing a successful fundraising strategy for your NGO doesn’t only mean putting action plans into execution and looking for new funding solution. It also means reviewing the processes that people follow, the management of individual performance, the recruitment of talent, and the development of employees’ skills. When the organizational structure of your NGO matches its strategic intentions, your NGO fundraising will be more successful and effective. This is where an organizational review could make all the difference. An organizational review will provide a great opportunity to collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and share relevant information to enable the strengthening of your organization fundraising and identify where development priorities lie and how to address them.

We have an intimate understanding of the non-profit sector, making us highly effective at assessing your NGO situation, problems and needs by adopting a customized methodology to satisfy your NGO needs and ensure practical and long-lasting results:

  • Analyze your NGO structure history and reviewing your organization chart to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your NGO.

  • Review the beneficiary and stakeholders views, the finances, the processes and systems and others resources.

  • Deliver an organizational review report with recommendations for priority development areas and an action plan.

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Impact Monitoring

Impact the world and be the change you want to do

When your NGO implement a project, it is working to make a change happen, so it needs to keep tracking the progress of its project and measure its impact on the beneficiaries. This is where an impact monitoring is valuable. A good impact monitoring should help your NGO measure, understand and improve the outcomes of its initiatives and projects.

We work with your NGO to identify the goals, outcomes and the relationships between the need of your projects and activities and the impact you intend to achieve. This can involve working with you to:

  • Identifying and interview the beneficiaries and stakeholders ...

  • Developing monitoring methodologies and tools tailored to the needs of your NGO.

  • Supporting your NGO through training and mentoring to implement tailored evaluation tools and methodologies.