Smart Technologies

Boost your digital presence and make the world your framework

The evolution of the cloud is opening a new way for NGOs to be more flexible and expansible without limitation of space and time. Your NGO employees and volunteers can work from anywhere without geographical constraints and reach more audiences. Therefore, empowering your NGO with cloud technology will make your NGO digital presence unlimited, your NGO digital presence will be everywhere, you can recruit employees and volunteers from all over the world and let them work seamlessly and effectively to achieve your objectives without geographical constraints. All your NGO departments will be in the cloud easy to manage, control and access.

Simplifying Your IT infrastructure

Open new opportunities and reach wider audience

The adoption of the cloud technology will help your NGO reduce costs, streamline the flow of communications, modernize accounting systems and managing processes, and facilitate resource management. In fact, the cloud will improve the way your NGO employees and volunteers manage information and processes and open new horizons to achieve your NGO objectives.

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Modernizing your operating model

With cloud technology, you have the world at your grasp

Without a doubt, cloud computing is changing the way NGOs work and the way they communicate. Using cloud technology and our experience, we provide your NGO with new operating models, integrated services and innovative processes. Your NGO can benefit from social-networking for gathering support for its cause, Document-sharing applications to increase collaboration and productivity between team members, accessible from anywhere with high levels of security and privacy. Cloud technology will eradicate time, geographical and logistical constraints and help you NGO reach wider audiences internationally.

Securing your NGO Cloud

Your files and data more secure than ever

With cloud technology, Your files and data will be more secure than ever. We are permanently assessing the threats your cloud is exposed to, and providing adequate security solutions to ensure the safety of your NGO cloud. We monitor your cloud servers for vulnerabilities, we limit exposure, and patch your cloud servers regularly to protect them against cyber threats.

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