He can express himself with gestures and interacts with humans by moving his head and his parts.


He can speak and produce sounds, ringtones to communicate with humans and echo his emotions like joy, astonishment, confusion ...


We can add a screen to In-enclosure Artificial Assistant to let him express his emotions through icons and pictograms like smiling, anger, joy…


If an appointment is near, a new email is in your inbox, or an event is close..., In-enclosure Artificial Assistant will emit lights to notify about that. We can develop this feature to convey your needs.

Identifying people

In-enclosure Artificial Assistant can recognize the members of the family and identify them individually.

Understanding face expressions

He can understand your mood and emotions by analyzing face expressions and interact with you accordingly.

Distinguishing objects

In-enclosure Artificial Assistant recognizes and identifies objects around him and deals with them.

Taking pictures

He can take pictures of the best moments and events in the house and send them to you.

Recording Video

He records short videos for special events at home, you can share them with your family members.