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V-Learning Technology

V-Learning is a new learning process where your organization volunteers and employees train and learn by interacting with 3D models ( 3D characters, 3D buildings, 3D objects,…), graphics and informative audio and video,...inside a virtual environment. By their immersion inside the virtual environment and gamification features, your organization volunteers and employees can achieve rapid skill deployment, better understanding of the training and high level of integration and interaction.

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Transfer Your Knowledge From Virtual Environment To Real Life

V-Learning Technologies

charis.ma - Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology allows you to merge the virtual and real world by directly overlaying 3D objects on the physical environment. Unlike the traditional training, we help you leverage augmented reality apps to make learning new concepts and processes easier for your organization volunteers and employees. With the help of our augmented reality app service design, your organization can not only educate its volunteers and employees but also help them improve their skills and capabilities.

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charis.ma - Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows you to create immersive 3D virtual environments that are so convincing, users will react the same way they would in real life. We use visual and auditory cues to make the virtual world seem more real. We engage your organization volunteers and employees with breathtaking graphics, informative audio and interactive scenarios using 3D virtual environments to give a sense of really being there. Using 3D virtual reality environments as part of your organization training methodology, allows your organization volunteers and employees to experience an entirely new side of training.

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charis.ma - 3D Animation

3D Animation

3D animation helps simplify concepts through visual representation of entities, characters, buildings,... It plays an important role in visual communication and makes 3D models alive. We offer high-quality 3D animation services to create models and artworks that mimic a real-life... We assist you with 3D animation tailored to your organization needs. Our 3D animation videos can be put on HD TVs, mobile phones, websites, presentations, or any other media. 

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charis.ma - 3D Interactive

3D Interactive

We create fun, addictive, and enjoyable 3D virtual interactive environments apps for education and training purposes. We empower organizations to change the world by enabling them to leverage 3D virtual interactive environments apps as a medium for engagement, education and training. We consider all steps to make your 3D virtual interactive environments apps so addictive and fun loving to your organization targeted audience and a tool to improve practical skills with high engagement and interactivity using badges and scores.

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charis.ma - Virtual World

Virtual World

With virtual worlds, concepts can be made easy to understand. Objects can be presented and explained in details and your organization volunteers and employees will have a direct interaction with their learning materials. We create virtual world tailored to your organization needs to increase the learning motivation and the engagement factor of your organization volunteers and employees. By introducing new learning environments, we help you examine and evaluate their actions and procedures and prepare them for situations and experiences they are unlikely to encounter in real life.

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charis.ma - 3D Visual

3D Visual

You have an idea and you want to bring it to life? Or your have a blueprint, a photo or a sketch and you want to visualize it ? We have the right solution for you. We help you make it a 3d model by using cutting-edge 3D technologies, you can export it as pictures, posters or print it as a 3D printed model. 

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Improve the learning process quality using visualization technologies

and interactive virtual environments

V-Learning Features

charis.ma - Context Oriented Learning

Context Oriented Learning 

V-Learning offers multiple opportunities to learn from new environments with the ability to adapt to new circumstances. Your organization volunteers and employees can use a variety of media such as graphics, text, sounds and even voice from inside the virtual environment to find the meaning of these elements and the culture of the virtual world to better understand the training.

charis.ma - Transfer of Knowledge

Transfer of Knowledge 

The most important element of the V-Learning is the possibility for your organization volunteers and employees to transfer the knowledge they learn from the virtual environment to real life situations as they learn from the context and the characters in the virtual environment. It will be easier for them to learn and apply what they learn and improve their skills. 

charis.ma - Learning through Achievement

Learning through Achievement

V-Learning has the power to provide your organization volunteers and employees with the satisfaction of winning. While someone will have to lose this is generally understood not as a failure but as an attempt. Your organization volunteers and employees are not discouraged and instead they can try a new strategy by taking risks. Since failure in the virtual environment does not translate into failure in real life, the benefit of taking risks outweighs the costs of the loss. It is precisely for this reason that your staff has the opportunity to learn from the many attempts they make in these environments.  

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