Technology Analysis Service:

Answering critical and complex questions about technologies around your innovations, the position and value of your patent portfolio, existing white spaces, your competitive landscape and much more...All are vital questions which identify your current state and help your forecast your future. Through our high qualified technology experts you can answers all these questions with a deep insight for the future.


Helping Global enterprises with accurate and up-to-date information on the recent technological developments and competitors is essential for them to understand the value of their own patent portfolios, we provides Technology analysis for companies to better position their patenting initiatives in the very competitive environment. We offer information services on technical innovations, third-party patent holdings, trends in technical and geographical coverage of patent protection. 

An in-depth study of the patents in your technology field will help you understand the current and future trends in technology and explore lucrative business opportunities you can take to grow your market share. Technology analysis is a valuable asset in the technology development that summarize the IP activities of competitors and give you an overview of your market and existing gaps in your technological domain. 

Our experienced technology analysis experts can advise you with accurate and up-to-date information on the recent technological developments and competitors to understand the value of their own patent portfolios, and help you position your patenting initiatives in the very competitive environment.  


Strategic Advice

Our Technology analysis service provides strategic consulting for you regarding asset protection best practices, managing costs, and maintaining a clear view of your market(s). Our systematic process guide your R&D strategies and decision-making by identifying areas of where there’s room for your business to seize market share. 

Technology Trends

Technology analysis conducted by our expert consultants is an in-depth analysis to ascertain the existing technology and the market trend in the domain of your concern. Our methodical analysis provides a deeper market analysis and reveals principal patent holders in adjacent technology spaces, helps determine if they’re actively competing with you, and gives insight into products that may soon hit the market. 

Competitive Intelligence

By offering insights on the macro-level of technology trends as well as a detailed understanding of specific issues within a technology field or market, we provide you with valuable source for competitive intelligence in the target technology of concern. Our deep analysis helps you create better business strategies on how best to position you company in a competitive market.

Gap Analysis 

White spaces are gaps in a technology landscape, areas with little or no patenting activity which have potential for attaining exclusivity. Our Technology in-depth analysis enables you to identify the future potential research areas and help you take tough decisions when looking for growth in existing technologies. It is a primary driver of innovation decision-making and strategic product innovation.


Technology Expertise

We have high skilled technology consultants in different technology fields to ensure technical expertise across different technology sectors. They have broad knowledge of technology practices and market dynamics across a range of market sectors, they have the ability to help you in any patent technology field, advise you and guide you to the right strategy to protect and value your patent assets.

Deep Insight

We use data, in-depth analysis, and clear persuasive visualizations of patent information to help you see the big picture of your landscape. Our creative and smart methodologies allow us to guide you and advise you about the current and future technology trends of your concern for better and smart decision-making.

Effective Process

We use a proven, precise and iterative process to collect and analyze data relating to your technology sectors in order to help you optimize your patent activities. Our working process is fast and efficient conducted by our qualified experts. We maintain high standards of patent industry knowledge through our commitment to provide best services to our clients.

Visual Reporting

Data visualization is at the core of our methodology and reporting. We deliver easy-to-use report designed to speed up the review process and to enable you have a clear landscape picture about your technology field, your competition environment and future technology trend. We make all our collect data and investigation visual for you to help you make the right decision based on precise statistics.

Data Security & Confidentiality

Our processes are audited for the highest performance and security. All our Experts and researchers are bound by non-disclosure agreements related to the searches they perform. Our IT systems are fully secured for your data protection. We engage to maintain all communications with you secure in high confidentiality, so all information conveyed will be maintained in secrecy.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019 


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