Patent Services for Universities :

As universities are playing a prominent role in education and research to develop new technological innovations and inventions, they should benefit from the expertise to protect their intellectual properties and to help them get profit from their innovative solutions and intangible assets.

Invention Academy helps technology transfer departments throughout various services to protect their IPs and then licensing them to industry. We consult them and assist them to focus their researches and innovations in the right direction to easily market their patents and increase their incomes in return. 


Increase Innovation

The intellectual property patenting allows universities to license their research results to commercial companies. This results in greater innovation as these companies' employees build on the knowledge already established to provide industry-leading products and services to consumers. This may help theoretical projects to become realities more quickly and ensure the widest possible application of research to areas where it can do the most good. University researchers may also be inspired to continue their efforts as they see the results of their work in the consumer market. 

Boosting Economical Development

Empowering universities to patent their research and take advantage of it in the open market increases productivity and profitability across the entire economic spectrum. It contributes to economic growth and attract industrial investment to convert the prototype inventions into commercially developed products and applications to help open up new markets for businesses.

Fostering Practical Innovations

Patenting practical projects with concrete applications can increase the importance of university research for both consumers and businesses. By focusing on projects that seem to have real promise for improving the lives of ordinary people, universities can make the most effective use of the money they receive. The search for practical results in the technological field, for example, the healthcare domain improves people's life-style and health.

Generating Funds for Ongoing Research

By patenting and licensing research conducted in their institutions, university officials can ensure the pertinence of their discoveries while enjoying the financial benefits associated with the payment of royalties. This can provide financially strapped institutions with greatly needed flexibility, while simultaneously encouraging students and faculty to sustain their research activities under the most favorable conditions possible. 


Invention Licensing

As universities strive to find solutions to problems as they arise, it will be a good thing if all their inventions are patented and monetized. At Invention Academy, we understand that patenting for universities must be done at a budget rate and help you obtain your patents in a cost-effective manner. Our patent experts help university technology transfer departments to monetize their patents and boost their revenues by mapping patents from universities to technology companies in fast and effective way. While Invention Academy strives to patent and monetize inventions, universities can focus on their inventions and prepare students who can continue to improve the economic system as a whole. 

Patent Consulting

For Innovative University Tech Transfer Offices, we provide consulting services in market analysis, technology analysis and patent analysis to give them a better overview of the technological field and its evolution, an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their patent portfolio compared to their competitors, and an overview of the latest trends and specific developments in the industry and help them focus their researches and innovations in the right direction.

PCT Filing 

PCT filing is very important for universities to establish protection in a range of countries. It simplifies international patent filing and prosecution, and defers costs for universities. It enables them to engage in good quality and innovative research, resulting in socially relevant and commercially viable inventions not only at national level but also internationally. We can help you in the PCT filing process to improve its quality and efficiency. We make it simpler for you by having a central point of contact for all your applications world-wide.

Last Update: Feb 28, 2019 


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